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PROFLEX Products provides innovative products engineered for crack suppression, sound reduction, moisture control and weatherproofing applications that are commonly found in today’s building and remodeling industries.

·       PROFLEX products are engineered to be installed as part of a complete finish flooring system. 

·       Using PROFLEX membranes can help bridge cracks in a substrate. 

·       Aid the abatement of active transmission of sound. 

·       Protect the surfaces from moisture intrusion. 

·       PROFLEX Products using environment friendly recycled materials.

Proflex Membranes

PROFLEX membranes are ideal for interior and exterior applications of finished flooring, including ceramic tile, stone brick, and for interior applications of wood and other flooring. PROFLEX™ membranes bridge cracks in the substrate and are guaranteed to eliminate the transfer of crack up to 3/8″ wide to the finished flooring.