Understanding Sound Control

ASTM Tests for Floor Assembly Sound Performance

Sound testing can be done in an approved laboratory or in the field (on site).  Laboratory testing is the most un-bias measurement of flooring systems and products.  The laboratory test results provide an excellent way to evaluate, compare and select materials.  Field tests provide sound measurement of specific rooms or floor assemblies, but are unique to the test location and not suitable for comparing products and materials.

STC – Sound Transmission Class (ASTM E 90)

IIC – Impact Insulation Class (ASTM E 492)

∆IIC – Delta Impact Insulation Class (ASTM E 2179)

FSTC – Field Sound Transmission Class (ASTM E 336)

FIIC – Field Impact Insulation Class (ASTM E 1007)

Note: ASTM test procedures are periodically updated and the last update is listed after the test number, for example ASTM E 90-04 where the 04 means this test procedure’s latest update or change was in 2004.